Real-time Digital Acting for Transmedia Production


In the coming decade there will be a revolution in digital acting across the entertainment industry, from feature films to games and theme parks. Real-time digital performances will reach previously unattainable levels of fidelity and adaptability. This project will be a vanguard in this revolution.
Real-time Digital Acting for Transmedia Production is a two-year project to create an extensible framework for new levels of synchronised face and body capture systems that will unlock the ability for multiple actors to deliver compelling, collaborative performances of never-before-seen digital characters in real and virtual environments.
The project establishes a long-term partnership between the UK studio of globally renowned creator of digital VFX, Industrial Light & Magic, Disney Research (UK) and Vicon, an Oxford-based SME who is in the forefront of motion capture and who will commercialise the results.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer



Industrial Light & Magic (UK) Ltd., LONDON
Walt Disney Company Limited(The), London £1,146,544 £ 573,272
Vicon Motion Systems Limited, Oxford £2,451,405 £ 1,470,844




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