Merging film and game production pipelines: film quality lighting using game engine technology.

Lead Participant: Geomerics Limited


The dramatic improvements in real-time computer graphics technology over the last decade have reached a point where they can transform content production in both film and television. These important UK industries have been under significant global competitive pressure and are in need of a new model. This will not happen through a process of evolution of existing pipelines; it requires a revolutionary change to embrace the workflows and technologies pioneered in the videogames industry. Similarly, modern videogames will benefit from interactive versions of the cinematic lighting techniques that were pioneered in TV and film. This 18 month collaboration brings together four of the world's leading entertainment companies and research groups: Geomerics Limited, Electronic Arts Limited, Disney Research (UK) and Industrial Light & Magic (UK) Ltd. The cross media appeal of the Star Wars movies and games will help generate a unified vision for content creation and production, and will enable these partners to develop a new paradigm for interactive workflows for high-end graphics and lighting across all media types.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Geomerics Limited, CAMBRIDGE £584,918 £ 292,459


Ninja Theory Limited, NORTHAMPTON £460,369 £ 230,185
Electronic Arts Limited, GUILDFORD £66,810 £ 33,405
Industrial Light & Magic (UK) Ltd., LONDON £118,198 £ 59,099
Walt Disney Company Limited(The), London £597,421 £ 298,711


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