STRATFix: Enabling stratified medicine with novel fixatives for improved pre-analytical pathology workflows

Lead Participant: Qiagen Manchester Limited


After many decades of cancer research, treatment is increasingly changing to become more tailored to individual patients' needs (often referred to as 'personalised' or 'stratified' medicine). Current preparation methods that allow microscopic assessment of cells and tissue do not preserve nucleic acids well enough for the latest genetic tests that are necessary for personalised medicine. Our study aims to improve the preparation of tissue and cell samples, and nucleic acids from patient's blood, so that the full range of microscopic and genetic test results can be obtained to help select the right treatment for individual patients. Our business partner QIAGEN is market leader in providing tools for sample collection, stabilisation and nucleic acid purification. QIAGEN is developing new solutions to preserve cells in aspirated (FNA) samples and blood. By working in a UK-wide collaboration, we have access to the widest possible range of blood, cell and tissue types. Because these developments will take place in multiple major, opinion-leading UK hospitals, we have the greatest likelihood that the project outcomes will be adopted by the whole UK pathology community.


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