MOdel-based Real-time Systems Engineering (MORSE)

Lead Participant: Ford Motor Company Limited


In today's competitive market, Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers must achieve faster time to market as well as improved quality and reliability. Additionally they must satisfy customer and regulatory demand for greater powertrain efficiency and refinement. Product development and design must be optimised and verified with limited number of available physical prototypes. This means much of the electronic control systems testing and verification must be carried out automatically through mathematical modelling and simulation. These models must cover multiple physical domains such as Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Thermal and satisfy sufficient accuracy to replace the real prototype. To validate the functional requirements of the real electronic control systems with embedded software one has to simulate these models in ‘real-time’, i.e. the responses of the model must have the same profile and take the same amount of time as the real system. MOdel-based Real-time Systems Engineering (MORSE) project tries to address some of the challenges in this approach, particularly the trade-off between accuracy and real-time capability of the generated models.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ford Motor Company Limited, Brentwood, United Kingdom £458,056 £ 210,091


Claytex Services Limited, Leamington Spa £269,369 £ 154,327
AVL Powertrain UK Limited, Basildon £275,009 £ 127,881


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