Gyrodrive Original Equipment Development

Lead Participant: Gkn Autostructures Limited


Williams Hybrid Power (WHP), supported by GKN Land Systems, have developed a hybrid system to regenerate braking energy on city buses utilising their Gyrodrive system with a high speed flywheel originally developed for Le Mans Prototypes KERS technology.
To date this development work has shown the fuel savings in excess of 25% for the bus operators.
In this new project WHP and GKN have joined with Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL), the UK biggest bus manufacturer, to develop a solution that will be optimised for fitment to buses as original equipment at build. This will widen the potential market for the technology, generating genuine cost savings throughout the industry and giving opportunity for increased production and export success. In this project WHP will develop the Gyrodrive technology, GKN will use its manufacturing skills to develop the production systems and ADL will supply its expertise in the manufacture of buses and their knowledge of the customer base. GKN will also look to exploit the technology into its key customer markets such as off highway machines

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Gkn Autostructures Limited, SHROPSHIRE £3,111,011 £ 1,239,427


Coventry University, United Kingdom £1,599,712 £ 1,599,712
Inetic Limited, Andover £404,106 £ 242,463
Alexander Dennis Limited, Edinburgh, United Kingdom £647,264 £ 316,981
Gkn Hybrid Power Limited, Redditch £9,885,000 £ 4,253,050


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