POLARBEAR - Pattern Of Life ANPR Behaviour Extraction Analysis and Recognition

Lead Participant: Thales UK Limited


The organised nature of some crimes including drug trafficking and terrorism can be difficult to identify. One approach is to identify offenders travelling in 'convoy'. UK police forces have been using ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) data collected by traffic cameras to perform convoy analysis; however, this is typically done manually with prior information of one known vehicle. This project aims to develop a distributed processing system for large-scale ANPR convoy analysis and other criminal behaviours that currently go undetected. Our solution will enable criminal investigations to be more effective, accurate and resource-efficient. By applying automated data mining techniques to ANPR data , our solution will enable criminal investigations to focus on medium and high priority issues such organised crime as opposed to minor traffic infringements, and thus can help to justify the growing use of ANPR to the public at large.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Thales UK Limited £326,070 £ 163,035


University of Surrey, United Kingdom £149,349 £ 149,349
High Performance Computing Wales, BANGOR £6,122 £ 3,673


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