Development and Demonstration of an intelligent active mooring load-management system (IAMS)

Lead Participant: Aws Ocean Energy Limited


This project will develop and test a mooring component for floating wind, wave and tidal energy installations - the intelligent active mooring system (IAMS). The system will reduce the cost of anchors, mooring components and the moored structure to reduce the overall cost of energy produced from marine renewables, whilst also reducing mooring footprints and providing some element of energy recovery from structure motions.
The key project objectives include fatigue testing of the active mooring component, development of the intelligent control system and prototype testing. The final deliverable will be an investor-ready technology development proposition supported by a detailed technology report, prototype basis of design a costed development plan and a commercial business case analysis.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Aws Ocean Energy Limited, EDINBURGH £218,633 £ 131,180


Teqniqa Systems Limited, Rossett £378,047 £ 226,828
University of Exeter, United Kingdom £92,908 £ 92,908


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