AMAFS (Additive Manufacture for Automotive Fuel Cell Systems)

Lead Participant: Hieta Technologies Ltd


The Additive Manufacture for Automotive Fuel-cell Systems (AMAFS) project will demonstrate the advances possible using the design freedoms of Additive Manufacturing to make compact, lightweight and cost effective Automotive Fuel Cell systems. A novel multi-phase heat exchanger will be developed, integrated and demonstrated to yield an automotive fuel-cell system smaller, cheaper and lighter than before.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Hieta Technologies Ltd, WOKINGHAM £146,070 £ 87,642


The Logistics Business Limited, BOURNEMOUTH £62,370 £ 37,422
Intelligent Energy Limited, Loughborough £77,553 £ 38,777
University of Exeter, United Kingdom £97,000 £ 97,000


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