Community Energy Generation, Aggregation and Demand Aggregation Shaping (CEGADS)



Energy Local offers a business new model to enable communities to bring local generation into half-hourly settlement and interact with suppliers. It harmess smart meters and automatic control of electric heating, hot water and appliances to allow communities to use and pool their own generation locally and benefit from time of use tariffs. It will help communities gain a greater return on investment for local generation and share the benefit, engage in energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty. This will also be attractive to social landlords and local authorities. Demand shift will also help avoid times of when power has high carbon intensity and smooth the demand curve. It will enable smart technology to be deployed and mutual benefits to be gained by customers and suppliers from smart meters. It provides a new market model for suppliers to provide Time of Use Tariffs to domestic customers in a cost effective manner and reduce the exposure to imbalance and improve forecasting. It provides the opportunity to offer new supplier offerings, expand and bring in new players into the energy market.


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