MAX-RESPONSE: MAgneto-RESistive Plasma deposited Non-contact Sensors


High resolution Magneto-Resistive MEMS sensors offers substantial advantages for automotive position sensors in terms of signal response quality compared to inductive, Hall-effect and existing Magneto-Resistive systems. However, to realise these commercially for mass production requires the development of design, materials and processing technologies beyond the current state of the art. MAX-RESPONSE will develop novel MEMS sensors using existing designs and unique high precision manufacturing techniques to enable low cost, high volume manufacture of sensor products. In so doing the consortium will maxmise the chances that the manufacture of these sensors will be undertaken within the UK, rather than being lost to the Far-East, as has been the case with electronics manufacture over recent years. MAX-RESPONSE is a business led consortium, with the two consortium memers PVI and PQL being highly innovative for-profit SMEs. They will be supported by Lotus Cars, an existing PVI customer, that will be invovledin the project as a sub-contractor that will set end-user specification and validate the technology as well as being the initial route to market.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

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Precision Varionic International Limited, Swindon
Plasma Quest Limited, Hook, United Kingdom £148,004 £ 88,802




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