AMPS - Additive Manufacturing for Packaging Semiconductors

Lead Participant: Intrinsiq Materials Limited


Mobile device market, e.g., smartphones & tablets, continues to grow rapidly and consumers are demanding ever increasing performance within smaller electronic footprints. To meet these demands the semiconductor industry require process technology for novel IC packaging solutions using glass interposer technology. Forecasts show that by 2017, 2.5D interposers will reach a market value of $1.35Bn. The AMPS project will provide the materials and laser process technology that enables high density electronic metallisation structures for 2.5D and 3D semiconductor packaging systems using glass interposers, therefore ensuring the UK plays a valuable role in the supply chain on the next generation of semiconductor packaging architectures. The consortium partners have IPR and a route to exploitation which, when combined, forms a technology ideal to meet the technological and economic needs of the industry. IML's nano-seed material, deposited and patterned by M-Solv's equipment allows copper to be plated in an additive process with low waste and high density of circuitisation. Atotech and Qualcomm provide access to industry level qualification and exploitation.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Intrinsiq Materials Limited, United Kingdom £290,304 £ 174,182


M-Solv Ltd, Kidlington £196,759 £ 98,380


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