TrackSafe - Trackworker Safety

Lead Participant: Bluefrog Design Limited


The project will develop a new Location-Based Service (LBS) utilising novel technology to track the locations of trackside workers in the rail industry. The service provides the ability to define safe working zones and provide robust alerts if workers stray outside zones. The use of the new technology makes it applicable in cuttings, tunnels, under bridges and underground. The project will last 2 years with a total value of £991K. The consortium includes Guidance Navigation, Blue Frog Design, Network Rail, and Oxford University. There is a clear need for a technology that works, providing a LBS in GPS-denied terrain to provide awareness and management of worker location on the track, a dangerous working environment.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Bluefrog Design Limited, KETTERING £461,637 £ 276,982


University of Oxford, United Kingdom £287,137 £ 287,137
Guidance Marine Limited, LEICESTER
Network Rail Limited, London £36,409 £ 18,205
Guidance Automation Limited, LEICESTER £93,704 £ 56,224


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