Secure Remote Working in the Supply Chain (SeReWiSC)

Lead Participant: Thinking Safe Limited


This project will allow remote workers to securely access information and control equipment,which is owned and operated by multiple organisations, supporting secure and flexible collaboration between people distributed across multiple organisations in the supply chain, using infrastructure from multiple suppliers.
Organisations need to ensure users and devices only access information and equipment in accordance with defined policies, need to ensure policies can be defined by business people that understand the commercial implications of the policies, and need to ensure timely and effective response to perceived risks and threats, with particular attention to the legal, social and ethical contracts between people and organisations.
Users need to support multiple organisations and groups, using the same devices for all, but ensuring the information and controls remain separate, recognising their role in the security of those organisations.
The solution combines user experience considerations with technical security controls and third-party integrations, creating a coherent, secure, flexible and easy to use solution for the whole supply chain.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Thinking Safe Limited, LONDON, EGHAM £302,631 £ 181,579


University of Warwick, United Kingdom £68,179 £ 68,179
Royal Holloway College and Bedford New College £59,971 £ 59,971
De Montfort University, United Kingdom £15,673 £ 15,673
2ic Limited, EGHAM £49,346 £ 29,608


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