Next generation biopesticides for environmentally benign control of crop pests

Lead Participant: Arch UK Biocides Limited


The aim of this project is to translate innovative research into commercial products for the control of UK and European crop pests. The academic partners have developed a platform (fusion protein technology) that converts naturally occurring spider venom peptides into orally effective pesticides. Venom peptides, known to be harmless to mammals, are linked to a ‘carrier’ protein, when the resultant fusion protein is ingested by invertebrates the carrier protein transports the attached spider toxin across the gut and into the circulatory system where it can access its target site of action in the central nervous system. The project will produce fusion proteins on a commercial scale by fermentation of genetically engineered yeast. This approach can be used to generate a new class of environmentally friendly pesticides that are harmless to non-target organisms such as bees. Our initial programme will develop formulations targeting slugs and beetle pests of wheat and oil seed rape.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Arch UK Biocides Limited, Castleford £440,976 £ 210,000


Durham University, Durham
The Food and Environment Research Agency, York £199,855 £ 199,855
I2LResearch Ltd, Wentloog £112,687 £ 67,613


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