Development of remote, self-powered temperature and pressure monitoring system for harsh environment motorsport, automotive and aerospace applications (SELFP)


This project will develop and evaluate MEMS based vibration energy harvesting devices for high temperature
sensing in aerospace, motorsport and automotive applications. The MEMS devices will be designed to scavenge
energy from vibrations experienced in–situ with the aim of replacing power and transmission cables and
batteries for powering of distributed miniature sensor conditioning and processing modules at temperatures of
150oC and above. The combination of vibration energy harvesting and high temperature electronics will open
up new areas for monitoring of the health of the structures and components, saving weight in cables and costs
and enabling ease of deployment and maintenance. The accuracy of sensing will be improved through the colocation
of the sensing and control electronics in remote areas with in-situ power generation.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Mclaren Applied Technologies Limited, WOKING £279,050 £ 139,525


GE Aviation Systems Limited, Cheltenham, United Kingdom £20,103 £ 10,052
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom £126,554 £ 126,554


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