CloudUPDRS: Big Data Analytics for Parkinson's Disease patient stratification


Parkinson's disease is a progressive neurological condition that affects approximately one in 500 people in the UK. The main symptoms of Parkinson's are tremor, rigidity and slowness of movement, and patients often also suffer from related effects such as tiredness, pain and depression, which have considerable impact on their quality of life. Treatment is focused on using drugs to manage these symptoms and to reduce their debilitating effects. Symptoms alter as the condition develops, and hence treatment must also change to track the development of the disease. CloudUPDRS aims to significantly increase the effectiveness of precisely tailored personalised treatment by implementing a Big Data system for the clinical categorisation of Parkinson’s disease patients. This advanced data analytics approach identifies disease progression patterns that re subsequently used to tailor care management to the needs of the individual.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Benchmark Performance Limited, Colchester £120,000 £ 72,000


University College London, United Kingdom £68,447 £ 68,447
Birkbeck College, United Kingdom £69,911 £ 69,500
Audience Focus Limited, LONDON £5,599 £ 3,360
Retechnica Ltd, LONDON £55,000 £ 33,000


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