GATEway - Greenwich Automated Transport Environment

Lead Participant: TRL Limited


The GATEway project seeks to establish Greenwich as a leading venue for the testing and development of automated transport systems, showcasing their effectiveness for implementation in London, the UK and beyond and enhancing the global competitiveness of UK businesses. Led by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), we will fulfil this vision by delivering a convincing demonstration of driverless vehicles in the UK. We will create interoperable, scalable testing environments, protocols and standards guidance that will attract research and development investment in this area. Testing will include automated electric shuttle vehicles, M1 vehicles, a demonstration of teleoperated driving and a simulated 3D model of the Greenwich peninsula. The project focus is understanding engagement and interaction with automated vehicles, their local, national and international implications, effectively disseminating the results and providing routes to exploitation. The project legacy will be a driverless vehicle test environment in Greenwich, generating tangible business outcomes for consortium partners and attracting international OEMs and associated industries to the UK.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

TRL Limited, Wokingham £134,234 £ 67,117


University of Greenwich, United Kingdom £193,036 £ 193,036
Gobotix Ltd, SETTLE £445,988 £ 267,593
Commonplace Digital Ltd, LONDON £223,361 £ 134,017
Rsa Insurance Group Plc, LONDON £91,407 £ 45,704
Westfield Sports Cars Limited, Kingswinford £2,517,073 £ 1,510,244
Telef√≥nica UK Limited, BERKSHIRE £327,236 £ 163,618
Oxbotica Limited, OXFORD £1,140,583 £ 684,350
Heathrow Enterprises Limited, HOUNSLOW £49,212 £ 24,606
Royal Borough of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom £84,928 £ 84,928
Dg Cities Limited, London £386,405 £ 386,405
Royal College of Art, United Kingdom £423,651 £ 423,651




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