Modular Tidal Generators Limited have designed a system using existing technology in a new and novel way to produce green energy from fast flowing rivers and tidal flows.
The system is modular comprising a floating barge platform fitted with a number of removable turbine modules. Each turbine is fitted with a propeller turned by the tidal flow thus creating electrical power.
The turbine modules can be installed into the barge and removed for maintenance ashore in minutes making service simple and inexpensive. A consortium of partners including A&P Group, Mojo Maritime, Tocardo and Plymouth University are assisting in the production enginnering, design, turbine integration and hydrodynamic analysis to get the design from concept to deployment.
The barges and modules will be built in the UK benefitting the UK economy providing employment and substantial exports.
The system is carbon free providing a low cost, sustainable secure source of electricity.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Modular Tide Generators Limited, WOKING £55,668 £ 38,027


Mojo Ocean Dynamics Limited, BARROW-IN-FURNESS £40,830 £ 29,002
Plymouth University, Plymouth £88,313 £ 88,313
A & P Falmouth Limited, HEBBURN £27,256 £ 17,716


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