The capability of the WITT Wave Energy Convertor to generate megawatts of offshore power at a competitive LCOE

Lead Participant: Witt Limited


Converting sea wave motion into electrical energy is challenging, in part due to the relatively low speeds and irregular movements of ocean waves. WITT Ltd (WL) has devised a scalable technological innovation in energy generation called the WITT that has the capability to harness wave energy. The innovation concerns a patented transmission system that converts mechanical motion in the full six degrees into a single unidirectional rotation used to drive an efficient generator for the production of electricity. No other transmission is capable of collecting all of this chaotic motion and turning it into useable power. Sealed unit operation is potentially maintenance free and suitable for marine environments. It can also be built from tried and tested industry components. For this reason the WITT potentially provides a compelling marine energy harvesting device. This feasibility project will assess the capability and potential of the WITT to be deployed offshore as a wave energy converter to generate power compared to competitive wave energy converter technologies. It will determine whether it does indeed potentially offer a standout solution capable of UK wide scale deployment.


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