FEMTO - FEmtosecond Measurement Technology Options

Lead Participant: Chronos Technology Limited


FEMTO will play a key role in the UK’s 5 year programme to bring the remarkable new concepts of quantum physics out of research labs and into applications. Chronos Technology, TMD Technologies and the University of Bath’s Electronics Engineering and Physics Departments have teamed up to create key components of these systems. They plan to develop innovative microwave down-conversion methods, physics package encapsulation techniques and time measurements of femtosecond precision. These technologies are essential to delivering a new generation of clocks of remarkable accuracy, based on revolutionary quantum physics concepts. FEMTO will collaborate with the EPSRC Quantum Hub at Birmingham and Strathclyde Universities to produce a demonstrator. This will be the foundation for a programme that will turn prototypes into world-leading products. These new quantum physics sources of time and frequency will have an accuracy previously unachievable. They will let the UK deliver precise navigation for land, sea, air and space plus wholly new applications including a gravity telescope.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Chronos Technology Limited, Lydbrook £159,884 £ 95,930


University of Bath, Bath
Tmd Technologies Limited, Middlesex £160,121 £ 96,073


10 25 50