Hybrid Electric Push-Back Tractor


HElP-BT: Hybrid Electric Push-Back Tractor
HElP-BT is a series hybrid, aircraft push-back tractor with a downsized diesel engine and an electric driveline with a state of the art control system and energy storage device. The project brings together companies providing market leading innovation and a global sales reach along with a leading academic institution to deliver new product in the off-highway market.
Douglas Equipment are the OEM, vehicle integrator and route to market, ensuring that the airline and airport functional and legislative requirements are met. Hyperdrive are responsible for the hybrid powertrain design, manufacturing the energy store and developing the control system. Birmingham University will carry out simulation work to size the hybrid sub-systems and optimise their control.
A prototype vehicle will be built to demonstrate the system and prove it's reduced emissions and lower running costs to Douglas Equipment's worldwide customer base.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Textron Ground Support Equipment UK Limited, LONDON £514,140 £ 256,230


Hyperdrive Innovation Ltd, SUNDERLAND £287,144 £ 172,286
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom £194,462 £ 194,462


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