a novel SystEm for the Manufacturing of PRinted Electronics (SEMPRE)

Lead Participant: Polyphotonix Limited


PolyPhotonix Limited will design and build a bench top deposition tool that can manufacture flexible printed electronic devices using a novel material deposition method. The tool will be a pseudo roll to roll manufacturing tool which will simulate deposition processes occurring in a full scale roll to roll manufacturing process. This tool that PolyPhotonix are naming the "SEMPRE" tool will allow process development in terms of deposition parameters including rates, temperatures, film thicknesses, web speeds etc. which can be taken to full scale manufacturing once the project is completed. This tool will act as an intermediate step to de-risk the build of a full scale roll to roll tool which will allow PolyPhotonix to manufacture printed electronics devices for markets such as point of sale, packaging, toys and displays.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Polyphotonix Limited, SEDGEFIELD £145,655 £ 87,393


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