Zero Emissions Bus by Range Extension with Fuel Cells and Hydrogen


This project will develop a zero-emissions bus based on Magtec's innovative EV powertrain adapted from military applications, range extended with Arcola Energy's low power and low cost hydrogen fuel cell system adapted from lightweight passenger vehicles. Using this combination will provide a route for operators and bus OEMs to a bus with zero particulates and NOx emissions and dramatically reduced CO2 emissions even on current generation methods for electricity and hydrogen, at a fraction of the cost of the current generation of hydrogen buses. Innovations include the overall system and energy storage optimisation and control, lightweighting, power electronics integration, lifetime extension of the fuel cell in the challenging city environment and hydrogen safety.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Magnetic Systems Technology Limited, SHEFFIELD £878,460 £ 527,077


Arcola Energy Limited, London, United Kingdom £750,331 £ 450,199
Imperial College London, United Kingdom £249,697 £ 249,697


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