Mechanically Decoupled Electric Turbocharger for Optimal IC Engines Efficiency

Lead Participant: Aeristech Limited


The project will develop a novel energy recovery and boosting system for internal combustion engines, leading to a step change in vehicle energy efficiency, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Aeristech’s Full Electric Turbocharger Technology (FETT) is a mechanically decoupled turbochaqrger and comprises of 3 elements; (1) an electric turbine generator recovering exhaust heat energy, powering (2) an electric compressor to boost the engine on demand, through (3) a power management unit. Jaguar Land Rover Limited, Advanced Design Technology Limited, Bath University and Aeristech will match the FETT concept to JLR’s Ingenium engine family, and the FETT development will be supported by an extensive simulation phase at system/engine level, as well as vehicle level for an optimised vehicle energy efficiency. This simulation, led by JLR and Bath University will provide Aeristech and ADT with a detailed FETT target specification. ADT will focus on the design of optimised turbomarchinery, for a decoupled turbine and compressor, whilst Aeristech will concentrate on the design of electric machines and power management device with best-in-class efficiencies.

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Aeristech Limited, KENILWORTH


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