SeaGas : Production of bio-methane from seaweed by Anaerobic Digestion (AD)


This project will develop a process which uses seaweed for the generation of sustainable energy by anaerobic digestion (AD). Currently, farmers, food processors and industry use AD to generate bio-methane from wastes, to reduce energy costs or provide income. As waste supplies can be variable and AD is a continuous process, food crops like maize and beets are used to supplement waste. Seaweed has the potential to replace these food crops, which use land and water which could otherwise be used for human food production. The UK has extensive coastal waters and internationally recognised academic excellence in seaweed, its growth requirements and environmental considerations. This project brings together expertise in AD process development, economic modelling, environmental and social impact assessment and the supply chain - from seabed access for seaweed farming through to biogas injection into the national grid.


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