Autonomous Operation and Collision Avoidance

Lead Participant: Thales UK Limited


For unmanned and autonomous vehicles to become viable in military and commercial shipping, they need to be able to operate safely with a high degree of autonomy and minimal human supervision. Their operation in public areas needs to be supported with a robust body of test evidence to provide the required assurance of their safety. This project will research new operating concepts and methods for human / system interaction to ensure that unmanned systems can be efficiently operated from a distance, by remote control, and to reduce the likelihood of human error. Additionally, the project will address the development of a capability that will provide significant improvements in detection, location and tracking of obstacles at sea, allowing for safer autonomous operation.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Thales UK Limited £253,130 £ 126,565


Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom £32,354 £ 32,354
Mapix Technologies Ltd., EDINBURGH £190,004 £ 114,002


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