Active refrigeration shelf with thermal storage

Lead Participant: Flint Engineering Ltd


The Flint active shelf is an innovate UK designed and manufactured shelf for use in all types of refrigeration devices. It actively helps to spread the cooling capacity across the full width of the shelf rather than relying on the circulation of cold air, whether this is forced of passive. By using the Flint shelf, hot spots are avoided and the required temperature can be maintained in all areas. Not only does this lead to reduced food waste but also makes the refrigerator more efficient. In addition to the novel the cold transfer across the shelf its Isothermic ability's make it feasible for the first time to incorporate thermal storage in to the refrigerator, again helping reduce load by smoothing demand and adding security against power failure. All of this from a retrofit-able product.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Flint Engineering Ltd, MAYFIELD £324,263 £ 194,558


Econotherm (UK) Limited, BRIDGEND £86,598 £ 43,299
Brunel University London, Uxbridge £165,000 £ 165,000
Apc Technology Group Plc, MEDWAY CITY ESTATE £16,191 £ 9,715


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