Engaged Smart Transport (EST)

Lead Participant: NTT Data UK Limited


Engaged Smart Transport (EST) will create and demonstrate a transferable end-to-end congestion management service which: combines a range of interventions (from real-time Intelligent Transport Systems to long-term behavioural change strategies); acts preventively in anticipation of congestion; uses existing infrastructure; and is responsive to local environmental and behavioural specifics.

The project will develop a service and supporting toolkit that draws on a unique combination of big data analytics, multiple data sources from a sensor-rich environment, and ongoing collaboration between citizens, local authorities, leading researchers and technology providers. EST’s service-based approach to congestion management represents a fundamental departure from traditional ways of thinking about mobility management in a city and the disjointed approach to the data capture, analysis, strategy and intervention that is currently prevalent.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

NTT Data UK Limited, London £278,468 £ 139,234


Dynniq UK Ltd £230,761 £ 115,000
Vaisala Limited, BIRMINGHAM £83,548 £ 42,068
Black Swan Data Ltd, LONDON £111,856 £ 55,929
University of Exeter, United Kingdom


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