Holisitc spatial asset investment planning service

Lead Participant: Amey Lg Limited


The Amey led project aims to reduce the impact of street works on the Citizen, minimise the total cost of ownership of the highway asset, introduce a new local authority scalable service spanning multiple functions utilising a smart city data platform and make joint works the norm and not the exception.
This truly collaborative street works project will be driven by Staffordshire Highways with support from Staffordshire County Council and all the major utility companies.
The research stream is being led by the Future Cities Catapult and Staffordshire University, with the BSI assisting with the new data standard for underground assets. This project will drive a benefit case for local authority adoption of city data platform based shared services.
The technology will be based around CSC's Omnilocation and Elgin by Roadworks.org, while Tenshi Partners will work with the digital community to exploit the platform on behalf of the local community.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Amey Lg Limited, Sheffield £216,692 £ 108,346


Tenshi Consulting Ltd, London £66,404 £ 39,842
Tenshi Partners Llp, GODALMING £7,304 £ 4,383
Staffordshire University, Stoke-On-Trent £81,524 £ 81,524
Roadworks Information Limited, LONDON £58,146 £ 34,887
Future Cities Catapult Limited, LONDON £50,029 £ 50,029
Staffordshire County Council, Stafford £50,808 £ 50,808
Csc Computer Sciences Limited, ALDERSHOT £121,597 £ 60,799


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