oneTRANSPORT: A oneM2M-based Open Ecosystem for Nationwide Transport Integration

Lead Participant: Interdigital Uk, Inc.


oneTRANSPORT aims to make transport more user friendly & accessible by deploying the world’s first open &

scalable platform enabling multi-modal & multi-system transport integration across Local Authorities.

Our long-term vision is the international integration of multiple sectors with transport. We are creating an open

& self-sustainable transport data marketplace that uses the recently published oneM2M global standard.

•oneTRANSPORT focuses on integrating modes & systems from 4 contiguous counties. Functionality is

demonstrated with a multi-vendor exemplar application giving transport predictions & travel recommendations

•With the Innovate UK endorsement, our platform will allow LAs to open & trade their data assets, create jobs,

stimulate SMEs & economic growth, while reducing costs & driving end-user behavioral change.

•oneTRANSPORT will complete the value chain from data generation to traveller, enabling new feedback loops,

end-user value & operational benefits. By proof-by-existence we will show better transport network use,

commercial viability, unlocking new markets & funding streams for transport, first in the UK & then beyond.


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