CATCH! Citizens at the City's Heart

Lead Participant: Travelai Ltd


The proposed development of CATCH! is designed to provide a state-of-the-art highly-scalable system to

crowdsource, analyse and act upon travel-behaviour data in real time. It will provide transport professionals

with granular data and analyses on how people travel, and a 'living journey planner' that automatically records

travel behaviour and gives citizens frustration-free routing based on live travel conditions.

We believe in personalised solutions, with a customer centric view of transport where Catch! proactively

suggests the best possible route for you. Personalised because the most convenient route may not necessarily

be the fastest or most cost effective. It's about understanding the human behind the routing request. What are

your preferences, routines, what's the weather like or can you tick off a chore while on the school run.

In a time of austerity CATCH! will give significant value uplift to transport planners by providing a more

complete and cost effective method to survey and analyse traffic flows. Be they by private or public carriages,

on foot, bike or vehicle. We'll turn the world into a giant lab for delivering safer, cleaner transport choices.


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