Magnetically Geared Propulsion Motor (MGPM)

Lead Participant: Rolls-Royce plc


Rolls-Royce is considering expanding its marine product portfolio and is interested in exploring a highly efficient

electric Magnetically Geared Propulsion Motor (MGPM) which has been developed by Magnomatics. This

motor may offer significant benefits for marine propulsion by increasing the electrical efficiency by up to 7%

compared to existing state of the art electrical machines. Rolls-Royce will team with Magnomatics and ATB

Laurence Scott to design, manufacture and test a 2.5MW novel propulsion motor. It is estimated that the use of

this machine within a vessel propulsion system could increase the total vessel efficiency by up to 10% and

deliver a very low maintenance and robust propulsion system, suitable for a range of new build vessels and

retrofits. The aggregated efficiency benefits and low operational maintenance advantages would allow more

flexible propulsion systems to be used on many types of vessels leading to an improvement in average fleet

efficiency and therefore emission reduction. The project will also demonstrate that this type of motor is

suitable for both naval and commercial applications.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer



Rolls-Royce plc, United Kingdom
Magnomatics Limited, Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM £446,672 £ 268,003
ATB Group UK Limited T/A ATB Laurence Scott, NORWICH £789,695 £ 394,848




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