HI-PROSPECTS - HIgh resolution PRinting Of Solar Photovoltaic EleCTrode Structures


Photovoltaic solar cells deliver clean green energy and the technology has been well proven with over 2.5 GWp

currently installed in the UK alone. However, photovoltaic uptake is still limited due to the high CAPEX outlay

and slow Return on Investment (ROI). In order to accelerate widespread photovoltaic installation, there are

strong drivers to further reduce the cost per Watt of solar cells.

HI-PROSPECTS directly addresses this by developing innovative high resolution electrostatic ink jet technology

to deposit fine copper electrode structures, thereby increasing cell efficiencies by reducing shading losses and

replacing expensive and volatile silver pastes with cost effective nanoscale copper. HI-PROSPECTS will

demonstrate the technology on silicon cells and on next generation perovskite solar cells with target efficiency

of 17% at less than £230 / kWp. The project will facilitate the additional manufacture of up to 5 GWp of PV by

2023, generating 4100 GWh of electrical power.

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