MAGIC - an integrated platform for mobile payments and real-time marketing based on Bluetooth Low Energy ubiquitous to Smartphones

Lead Participant: Multipass International Ltd


Customer experience is identified to be critical to retail business success globally, with the highest ranking retailers performing 3.9x times better than those offering an inferior experience. This correlation and lack of data-led technologies to capitalise on complex customer behaviours leads to an estimated lost commercial opportunity of £50 billion annually. A consortium led by TEDIPAY Ltd (TP, incl. WorldPay, GuestLogix and Goldsmiths, University of London) seeks to pilot MAGIC - the first mobile contactless payment (MCP) technology capable of personalised in-context pre-purchase opportunities, underpinning a novel end-to-end retail framework based on a data-led interaction initiated between customer and point of sale on store entry. Using low-cost Bluetooth Low Energy communication, TEDIPAY aim to develop a ubiquitous hardware/software platform which unites and yields value from multi-source online/offline data. The overall 12-month project cost is £929k and a grant of £565k is requested.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Multipass International Ltd, London £212,293 £ 127,376


Worldpay (UK) Limited, LONDON £149,912 £ 74,956
Guestlogix Technologies Limited, BRACKNELL
Tedipay (UK) Ltd, OXFORD £408,055 £ 244,833
Goldsmiths College, United Kingdom £118,472 £ 118,472


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