Flexible and automated finishing and post-processing cell for high value AM components - FlexiFinish

Lead Participant: Toolroom Technology Limited


The FlexiFinish project addresses the significant challenges faced by industry surrounding the ability to finish

surfaces on complex parts, in a controlled and cost effective manner. This is also becoming a significant barrier

to the wider uptake of additive parts within the Aerospace industry and beyond. In order to address this, the

FlexiFinish project will create a fully automated cell which includes a number of finishing (laser polishing and

adaptive linishing) and post processing technologies (shot peening). The cell will be enclosed, and will use

adaptive toolpath software alongside inspection technologies (roughness and dimensional) to allow automated

finishing of multiple parts' geometris. A database of finishing strategies and approaches will also be created,

and constantly updated to improve quality. This will not only improve current capability, but will reduce costs

and timescales from existing approaches

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Toolroom Technology Limited, AYLESBURY £209,315 £ 104,657


Jri Orthopaedics Limited, SHEFFIELD £38,472 £ 23,083
Alstom Power Ltd, STAFFORD £54,174 £ 27,087
Meggitt Aerospace Limited, CHRISTCHURCH £29,156 £ 14,578
Sandwell UK Limited, TOWCESTER £139,488 £ 97,642
Manufacturing Technology Centre, COVENTRY £399,716 £ 399,716


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