UK Connected Intelligent Transport Environment (UK CITE)


The UK Connected and Intelligent Transport Environment (UK CITE) creates a real-world-lab for companies to test how connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) can interact with communications infrastructure (so called V2X). The project will install the relevant infrastructure along sections of the M42, M40, A45, A46 and Coventry city centre. This test environment will be available to other vehicle manufacturers or fleet users who wish to test V2X technologies. It will act as a world class research asset to attract R&D to the UK.
CAV test vehicles will examine the impact of V2X on road safety, traffic flow and the ability to provide other services like WiFi. Cyber-security will also be included from the outset.
V2X will improve a vehicles journey through the road network. E.g. in case of an accident instead of an expensive gantry on the motorway a connected car could provide warnings and guidance to the driver, or an autonomous vehicle could respond automatically. The impact on the UK road network will be simulated based on these trials - enabling the UK to get the most benefits from CAV for the least infrastructure cost.


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