MOVE-UK: accelerating automated driving by connected validation & big data analysis

Lead Participant: Robert Bosch Limited


The MOVE-UK project will help the UK to become a world leader in the development of automated and

driverless cars. The project partners (Bosch, Jaguar Land Rover, TRL, Direct Line Group, The Floow and the

Royal Borough of Greenwich) will speed up the entry of automated, driverless car technologies to the motor

market. The project will allow these technologies to be developed and tested more rapidly and at lower cost to

manufacturers. Driverless systems will be tested in the real world, providing large amounts of data that will be

used to develop and improve the technology. These technologies will not control the test vehicles but will

generated information which will be fed into a unique data store. This data store will allow us to develop new,

faster ways of improving and demonstrating the safety of the automated driving systems. We will also use this

information to provide “smart cities” with new ways to improve services for residents and the environment; to

help us understand how detailed data from cars can be used in the future to benefit drivers; and, to help the

project partners to understand the how driverless technologies will change their businesses in the future.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Robert Bosch Limited, GLENROTHES £3,217,996 £ 1,608,998


Jaguar Land Rover Limited, COVENTRY £733,244 £ 366,622
TRL Limited, Wokingham
Dl Insurance Services Limited, BROMLEY £179,096 £ 89,448
The Floow Limited, SHEFFIELD £200,790 £ 140,552
Royal Borough of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom £97,722 £ 97,722
Trl Academy, Wokingham £229,523 £ 229,523


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