Towards a condensed screening platform for aggregation profiling

Lead Participant: Malvern Instruments Limited


Biotherapeutic drugs are an increasingly important class of new medicines and their effective action in the

therapeutic treatment of disease has attracted interest from both academic and industry sectors. Despite the

overwhelming benefits to patients, the availability of these drugs at point-of-care is inextricably linked to their

affordability. Currently, the costs associated with the development and production of safe and effective

biotherapeutic drugs are extremely high, and such costs must ultimately be passed on in the final drug product.

One of the major risk areas in drug development is the occurrence of bundles of drug molecules known as

aggregates, which can result in unwanted side-effects in patients or in a reduction of therapeutic effectiveness.

This project brings together biopharmaceutical companies, academic research leaders and developers of

scientific instruments in order to produce novel sensors that can improve the detection of drug aggregates

throughout the drug development process. With this novel analytical technology, we aim to attenuate the risks

associated with aggregation to ensure the delivery of safe and cost-effective drugs in the future.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Malvern Instruments Limited, MALVERN £427,159 £ 213,580


Centre for Process Innovation Limited, REDCAR £105,470 £ 105,470
Paraytec Limited, YORK £332,622 £ 232,835
University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom £46,465 £ 46,465


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