IMPACT - Integrated Magsplit Powertrain with Advanced Control and Testing

Lead Participant: Magnomatics Limited


Magnomatics’ innovative and proprietary magnetic CVT (MAGSPLIT) integrates a magnetic planetary gear

and a highly efficient control motor/generator to enable the realisation of more efficient and compact Hybrid

Electric Vehicle powertrain. A Vehicle Intent MAGSPLIT component has previously demonstrated high

efficiency and robustness in a compact package, showing the potential to reduce CO2 emissions from new cars

by 1.3Mtonnes p.a. by 2025. For this project, a rig based full powertrain demonstrator will be delivered, with a

major automotive OEM providing the vehicle specifications, packaging, prototype test engine and technical

steer. Magnomatics will design, build and test the MAGSPLIT based full powertrain, Romax Technology will

determine optimum HEV architecture and mechanical system, CMCL will provide engine and test analysis,

University of Sheffield will lead the delivery of the powertrain controller. A powertrain capability and benefits

assessment will enable the OEM to assess business case and market potential, enabling future UK and EEA

volume manufacturing of high value assemblies and components.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Magnomatics Limited, Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM £1,073,395 £ 751,376


Changan UK R & D Centre Limited £368,000 £ 184,000
Computational Modelling Cambridge Limited, CAMBRIDGE £501,123 £ 350,786
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom £311,761 £ 311,761
Romax Technology Ltd., NOTTINGHAM £587,860 £ 352,716


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