Advanced Lithium Ion Capacitors and Electrodes (ALICE)

Lead Participant: Johnson Matthey Plc


The Advanced Lithium Ion Capacitors and Electrodes (ALICE) project will develop lithium ion capacitors (LICs)

and validate these in a 48V module for use in three market sectors - automotive, e-bus and materials handling

equipment. LICs combine the benefits of lithium ion and supercapacitor electrode materials and structures,

providing enhancing energy density vs supercapacitors and better power density than batteries. Advanced

materials will be developed and scaled (Johnson Matthey) and novel coating techniques (Oxford) used to

provide electrode structures optimsed for high rate capability. Roll to roll coating and A5 pouch cell

manufacture (Warwick Manufacturing Group) will be followed by 48V module build and testing (Johnson

Matthey Battery Systems (JMBS)) based on end user defined requirements (Nacco Materials Handling, BAE

systems, JMBS and Delta Motorsport) and accelerated test protocols. Development of a physics based cell

model (Imperial) will interlink with sophisticated layer structure characterisation (tomography, TEM) & cell

performance results, evolving a rational design approach for specific end use scenarios.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Johnson Matthey Plc, LONDON £743,917 £ 371,959


University of Oxford, United Kingdom £218,925 £ 218,925
University of Warwick, United Kingdom £108,237 £ 108,237
Imperial College London, United Kingdom £238,981 £ 238,981
Hyster-Yale UK Limited, FRIMLEY £2,981 £ 1,491
Cummins Electrified Power Europe Ltd., Edinburgh £359,759 £ 179,880
Delta Motorsport Limited, OXFORDSHIRE £161,627 £ 113,139


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