MELComp2 - Mutiplex Energy Laser Consolidation of Continuous Fibre Aluminium Matrix Composites 2


Aluminium Matrix Composites (AMCs) offer the strength and stiffness of steel, but with the density of

aluminium, making them an exciting candidate for reducing the weight of ground and air vehicles to help

improve efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Advantages over carbon fibre reinforced plastic composites

include higher temperature resistance, better toughness, recyclability and no corrosion in contact with

aluminium structures. However the drawbacks are the current high cost of the alumina reinforcements and

difficulty in applying existing techniques to high volume manufacture. This project aims to further develop and

demonstrate a novel multiplex energy laser consolidation (MELC) process in combination with advanced 3D

weaving to produce AMC components in a rapid, low energy, low waste process which is anticipated to enable

the tough cost targets of the automotive industry to be met whilst reducing CO2 emissions in both the

manufacturing and use phase of the components.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Antich & Sons (Huddersfield) Limited, HUDDERSFIELD £1,239,312 £ 743,587


313m Technology Limited, HUDDERSFIELD £1,304,290 £ 913,003
Jaguar Land Rover Limited, COVENTRY


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