Maturing a Novel Extended IR Single Photon Detector for Quantum Systems

Lead Participant: Amethyst Research Limited


Quantum communication systems require photon detectors that are capable of single photon capture, and

quantum imaging requires detectors arrays that can be tuned to specific photon energies. We will build on

initial Phase 1 work which delivered a proof of concept demonstration of a novel extended infrared Single

Photon Avalanche Detector (SPAD) technology, based on a novel compound semiconductor active region. The

objective of Phase 2 of the development is to further improve the performance of the core detector platform,

produce a packaged SPAD, scale up the existing single element demonstrator to a 2D SPAD array and de-risk

array integration towards an industry relevant single photon imaging sub-system. The project will consolidate

the existing consortia of academia, SME’s and industry led by Amethyst Research Ltd, in partnership with

Lancaster University, CST and Selex ES (as a subcontractor). In addition, we have extended the reach of the

project with an associate partnership with Heriot Watt University to evaluate the technology in advanced single

photon detection applications.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Amethyst Research Limited, Glasgow £129,040 £ 90,328


Compound Semiconductor Technologies Global Limited, Blantyre, UK £54,396 £ 38,077
Lancaster University £64,962 £ 64,962


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