Scalable Quantum Diamond Devices (SQDD)

Lead Participant: Element Six Limited


Quantum technologies use quantum physics to gain performance which is otherwise unattainable. The
quantum world challenges our preconceptions, here objects can exist in two places at once. This world typically
occurs on the atomic level at low temperatures which has meant that quantum technologies are difficult to
realise. Research shows that the quantum state of electrons trapped in an atom sized defect in diamond can be
manipulated by shining light on the diamond and read by measuring emitted light, even at room temperature.
These ‘quantum defects‘ can be used for a range of applications such as nanoscale magnetic field measurement
which may revolutionise biomedicine, or to build a quantum computer which is able solve problems no current
computer can. Realisation of these technologies requires quantum defects very close to the surface in
structured surfaces. This project aims produce quantum ready diamond materials, with these quantum defects
retaining their exceptional properties within a few nanometres of the surface, for the manufacture of devices
structured on the nanoscale to optimise collection of the light carrying the quantum information.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Element Six Limited, DIDCOT £125,000 £ 62,500


University of Warwick, United Kingdom £124,716 £ 124,716


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