Novel approaches to reduce salt and fat content of baked cheese products


The UK consumes 318k tes of cheese in processed foods and 732k tes of cheese annually. The health

consequences of this are substantial, as 100g cheddar contains 50% of an adult's recommended daily intake of

total fat, 104% of saturated fats, and 25% of sodium. High fat and salt intake have been proven to increase

health risks in terms of heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. This project is a collaboration

between Greencore, Arla UK, Sheffield Hallam University & ICL to develop a novel micro-formulation

technology that will enable the UK food industry to manufacture a healthy cheese product, which performs as

well in melting and baking processes as current high fat & salt alternatives. The technology will reduce salt and

fat content, by 10% & 20% respectively, in retail cheese, cheese ingredients, and ready meals and has the

potential to remove a total of 760 tes of salt & 15.2k tes of fat from the UK food chain pa.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Greencore Prepared Meals Limited, LINKS BUSINESS PK BARLBOROUGH £511,638 £ 255,819


Imperial College London, United Kingdom £16,435 £ 16,435
Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom £250,626 £ 250,626
Arla Foods Limited £105,003 £ 52,502


10 25 50