iTravel - A Virtual Journey Assistant

Lead Participant: Visual Atoms Ltd.


This project will develop iTravel, a smartphone-based interactive travel assistant, or "virtual journey assistant", providing end-to-end routing and proactive contextual information to the traveller, whether they are commuters or tourists. iTravel aims to bridge the gap between textual/map-based navigation and visual navigation/real-time interaction. iTravel will achieve this by combining (i) seamless multimodal routing and real-time traffic updates with (ii) automatically generated visual routes and automatically selected and location-sensitive visual checkpoints displayed on the smartphone's screen and (iii) real-time visual search through the smartphone's camera, allowing users to get a visual fix on their position and see an augmented view of their surroundings on the smartphone's screen, including travel information, directions, local landmark information, and local advertisements and offers. iTravel aims to provide a personalised, intelligent, proactive and interactive journey planning and mobility solution, offering seamless routing across multiple travel modalities to deliver a unique consumer experience.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Visual Atoms Ltd., WOKING £372,531 £ 260,772


University of Surrey, United Kingdom £329,546 £ 329,546
Traveltime Technologies Ltd, WOKING £433,573 £ 303,501


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