REACH: the enabler for long-reach asset integrity inspection & nuclear decommissioning

Lead Participant: Create Technologies Limited


Throughout the UK and global nuclear markets, there are numerous and substantial long-reach challenges in asset integrity and decommissioning sectors which require new & disruptive technology. REACH is developing an innovative solution for long-reach remote access in Plant Life Extension (PLEX) and nuclear decommissioning markets. PLEX, driven by security of supply, requires remote inspections significantly beyond original plans and at an increasing frequency, with existing technology unable to meet these needs. In the decommissioning industry, many sites contain large spaces that preclude human entry and similarly require remote solutions. With the support of RACE and end-users, with their industry expertise & knowledge, OC Robotics will develop a new long-reach manipulator. The compact, modular system will use lockable links to traverse 10-20m drops; deploying snake-arms at the tip and carrying innovative tools, developed by Viridian Consultants and Createc, for inspection, characterisation & sampling of radioactive environments.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Create Technologies Limited, Cockermouth £107,039 £ 74,927


Viridian Consultants Limited, BOURNE END £202,288 £ 141,602
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) £189,706 £ 189,706
Oliver Crispin Robotics Limited, Filton £358,341 £ 241,774


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