Liquid Glucagon: Improving Utilisation for Emergency Treatment of Severe Hypoglycemia

Lead Participant: Arecor Limited


Arecor is a world leader in developing stable formulations of therapeutics, with in-house development programmes aimed at differentiated product concepts in diabetes. Arecor has solid plans for developing those product concepts to Phase I clinical proof-of-concept and subsequent licensing of the assets. One of the product concepts is liquid glucagon, both for emergency use and as a critical component for a bihormonal pump. Arecor has developed prototype liquid formulations of glucagon showing sufficient stability for a viable commercial product. With the critical support from InnovateUK, Arecor is progressing this asset through pre-clinical development by performing further optimisation to ensure compatibility with a selected delivery device, toxicology studies, formal stability studies and validated pharmacokinetic studies. Following this study, Arecor will be ready to move into Phase I human trial. Stable liquid glucagon product will transform the way glucagon is used for emergency treatment of severe hypoglycaemia episodes by removing the need for a complex reconstitution of the currently marketed lyophilised products. In addition, there is a recognised need for liquid glucagon as a critical component of bihormonal pumps that will also be addressed by this product.

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Arecor Limited, Cambridge, United Kingdom £1,499,198 £ 1,049,438


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