Automated Connected and Electric Urban Transport Solutions (ACE UTS)


This collaborative project between UK and Chinese partners will seek to develop a fully automated and

connected, zero emission urban transport solution. It builds on the existing research and development that has

been carried out in the UK and China to propose a novel and innovative solution for clean and efficient urban

transportation. The proposed project will utilise technologies such as automated, electric vehicles,

communication systems and wireless charging solutions. This project will deliver substantial socio-economic

benefits within the urban environment to Chinese citizens in terms of reduced air pollution, reduced

greenhouse gas emissions, improved transport efficiency and accessibility to vital services while at the same

time, opening up substantial market opportunities for UK companies and opportunities for forming strong

partnerships for the commercialising of developed solutions.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Westfield Sports Cars Limited, Kingswinford £883,927 £ 618,749


TRL Limited, Wokingham £84,487 £ 84,487


10 25 50