HEMAN V: High Efficiency MANufacturing of VCSELs


The Compound Semiconductor (CS) diode laser has revolutionised consumer electronics and telecommunications over the last 30 years, enabling mass market adoption of ICT technology such as fibre optical communications, CD and DVD storage. It is now at the heart of new advances in laser based manufacturing methods, medical diagnosis, surgery, cosmetics and sensing. It is the source of choice for commoditisation of laser based technologies, giving an excellent trade-off between specification, cost, energy consumption and footprint. The Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) is an embodiment which further reduces the footprint of the laser chip so driving additional miniaturisation and cost reduction opportunities. Our project will leverage an existing world leading UK capability in VCSEL materials technology to drive the next wave of commoditised applications such as gesture recognition, ubiquitous high resolution 3D imaging and projection displays. Our consortium brings together compound semiconductor materials, device fabrication and capital equipment specialists in order to faciliate the step change in manufacturing methods required to accelerate the adoption of VCSEL solutions in truly mass market products.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Compound Semiconductor Centre Limited, Cardiff, £151,647 £ 90,988


Cardiff University, United Kingdom £59,999 £ 59,999
SPTS Technologies Limited, Newport £159,137 £ 79,569
Swansea University, United Kingdom £54,657 £ 54,657


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