PROPEL: Power Scaled DFB Lasers for Portable Spectroscopy

Lead Participant: M-Squared Lasers Limited


The market for handheld and portable Raman spectrometers is rapidly growing (10% CAGR) whilst progress is being made towards the development of methods to overcome the background fluorescence that has traditionally held the method back. M Squared have developed a handheld Raman spectrometer for the authentication of whisky, and are adapting this technology for healthcare applications based on proprietary background subtraction techniques. Handheld spectrometers require high performance with enough power and spectral purity to allow accurate species identification, whilst being compact, robust and low cost. At present high precision laser sources used for high resolution spectroscopy have external cavities which are bulky limiting their use in the field. During this project the consortium will develop power scaled lasers based on innovative processes that make use of the unique qualities of compound semiconductors to deliver improved light intensity. The power scaled laser will be low cost and rugged, and able to provide high precision analysis for handheld spectrometry. The enabling of high precision handheld spectrometry will enable applications in precision medicine, as well as quality monitoring in the food & drink industry.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

M-Squared Lasers Limited, Maryhill Road £247,817 £ 173,472


Alter Technology Tuv Nord UK Limited, Livingston £73,153 £ 36,577
University of Glasgow, United Kingdom £141,701 £ 141,701
Kelvin Nanotechnology Limited, GLASGOW £35,244 £ 17,622


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